Here are a few of the many testimonials I've recieved over the years:

In 2016 I was very happy to sell a new double top to renowned canadian classical guitarist Jeffrey McFadden.
Here's what he said of his new Dominelli double top in an interview with Leonard Turnevicius of the Hamilton Spectator on october 05, 2016:
"I'm still getting to know it, but it's a fantastic instrument," wrote McFadden in a subsequent email. "It's a modern construction, using mostly wood but also some synthetic material, specifically a Kevlar honeycomb material to strengthen the resonating top of the guitar. So, it's a kind of 'bionic' guitar, but still has elements of the traditional sound that I prefer. It's great for a situation like this one where the more power the guitar can muster, the better it will balance with orchestra, even with the amplification."
-Jeffrey McFadden, Hamilton, Ontario. (Head of Guitar Program, University of Toronto)

In 2019 I built another guitar for Jeffrey McFadden, this time a spruce double top (Indian rosewood back and sides). Here's what he had to say:

"Hi Marcus. I am really loving the guitar. It has amazing balance, quick dynamic accentuation, beautiful separation, wide colour variety and more. It's a great artistic pallete, and people absolutely gushed over it when I played it in Hamilton last weekend. And on top of that, it looks amazing! Congratulations on your fantastic work."
-Jeffrey McFadden

"The 630mm double top (cedar/nomex/cedar with high density Indian Rosewood back and sides) which Marcus made for me, is a truly wonderful instrument in every conceivable way: the craftmanship is top tier (as I knew it would be), the volume, projection and sustain are all excellent, the guitar just feels really easy for me to play. I feel like I have an indefinable synergy with it, that I can express myself better through it than through any other guitar I have played.  The tone of the high E string is full, rich and rounded all the way up to the 20th fret.  But what I cannot get over is how beautiful the intrinsic tone of the guitar is.  It doesn't seem to matter what I play, the notes have a special resonance and presence to them.  I feel truly spoiled being able to play a guitar like this - it is as if a guitar worthy of Parkening or Bream, had inadvertently and mysteriously made its way into my hands!  I have to remind myself that I did indeed commission and pay for it!  Furthermore, my wife is currently recovering from a stroke and it has been a real gift to be able to play music to her on this beautiful guitar.  Thank you for everything Marcus."
-Dom Hooper, Lancashire, United Kingdom

"I was looking for a loud, warm, clear sounding cedar top guitar with great sustain. I did not want a muffled sounding cedar guitar. I have tried multiple double top guitars, but did not settle on any of them. I have also tried a lot of traditional, solid top guitars that I didn't like.
I did not want to buy a "shop" made guitar, and wanted a guitar made by a single luthier. To me it is important.
I had heard great stuff about Marcus's guitars from other owners. In addition, I had enjoyed reading his online blogs on the Delcamp Forum.
Finally, I have heard this guitar model on youtube, played by Jeffrey McFadden, and really fell in love with the sound.
Marcus' knowledge of the guitar sound, wood working and open mind has impressed me. This is a luthier who has knowledge and experience making traditional guitars, lattice tops and amazing double tops. Being an amateur woodworker myself, the workmanship is extremely important to me, and I have to have my instruments made perfect.

My new Dominelli Double Top is a 650 scale, Cedar out/spruce inner, with Ziricote back and sides. I was very fortunate and lucky to have had an opportunity to buy this fine instrument.
The workmanship is first class. Its perfect. There is not a spilled drop of glue on the inside of the guitar. The french polish is immaculate and super even.
The rosette, ornamentation and neck shape are amazing. The headstock has a V-joint. The raised fingerboard is made of a solid piece of wood, something that I have not seen on other guitars. The action is lower than standard with no buzzing that I can hear, and I have strong right hand, and prefer to play hard and loud.

I have been really, really enjoying playing this guitar. I find myself playing it most of the time :o)
Its so easy to play, and the beautiful sound that it produces just flows.
I have strung this guitar with D'Addario carbon strings, and I must say that the sound is exactly what I was looking for.
The guitar sounds exactly like on the videos by Mr. McFadden, warm, clear, velvety, loud and with a very nice sustain.

Overall, I am very, very happy with this guitar. Marcus is an amazing luthier. This is by far the best double top I have ever played. Actually, most of the time I don't even think of it as a double top guitar, because it sounds so "traditional", and warm.
Thank you Marcus! "
-Dmitri Peysakhov, Seattle, WA

"My new 630mm scale Dominelli Double Top exceeds all of my expectations for a top of the line classical guitar. This instrument has superior tone, volume, sustain,  playability, response, and a broad tonal pallet. This guitar projects extremely well and blends the best qualities of spruce and cedar to produce a very rich and clear voice. It's very easy to bring out any frequency due to how even the register is. Musicality is much more easily achieved with this guitar over any other instrument I've played in the last 27 years. The workmanship and artistry is impeccable. I strongly recommend Marcus' guitars if you are looking for the highest quality concert instrument."
-Emil Krasich, Massachussets

“I was looking for a guitar with balance of register, power, and sustain. Marcus’ guitar, a lattice-braced cedar, over delivered on all counts. I am most taken by the powerful trebles which this instrument possesses, which makes melodic treble passages a joy to play. The instrument has a darker, fuller sound than most lattice-braced guitars I have played, yet maintains excellent clarity, giving it a very defined attack. Playing this instrument is a purely musical experience. I recommend these guitars to any serious musician.” 
—Jose Fermin, President of the Calgary Classical Guitar Society

"For years I searched for a luthier that could take on the challenge of making a short scale guitar but with large string separation at the nut and at the bridge. Many told me that the guitar would not look “proportional” and some even told me to go back and practice more to improve my “technique.” But Marcus was different. He understood what I was trying to do from the very beginning. As a Master Luthier, he recommended some adjustments without discouraging my “crazy idea.” His recommendations were always the best for my needs. The sound of my double top (spruce/cedar) short scale (630mm) Dominelli is amazing, and the playability is second to none. The guitar came with two saddles for high or low action. Marcus builds many types of classical guitars- traditional, lattice or double top. He never assumed that one type of guitar would be better for me than another, but after extensive discussion made his recommendation. The workmanship on the guitar is outstanding, and there are no week spots in construction at all. But the sound; the sound is amazing. Marcus made the playing of guitar (his guitar!) finally enticing, and now I cannot stop playing. Only a Master Luthier can do that!"
-Omar Oyarzabal, Vermont, USA.

“What I like the most about my Dominelli lattice-braced concert classical guitar is its ease of playability. There is a special quality to this guitar that makes me feel confident and grounded when I place my fingers on its strings. Because of its abundance of easily accessible volume, I can produce warm tones of any dynamic level across the entire register. The only difficult thing about this guitar is putting it away at the end of the day.”
—Murray Visscher, Guitar Instructor, Mount Royal College Conservatory, Calgary, Alberta.

"Hey Marcus! I think of you often as I play this exceptional instrument you made (630mm scale Double Top). The sound is absolutely beautiful (and loud!) and the range of tones I can play is just amazing - all this and the guitar is really just beginning to open up. What an exciting adventure. Warm wishes for a healthy and happy New Year."
-Allison H., Kingston, Ontario 

“Hi Marcus. I’ve been playing my new Dominelli guitar (640 scale cedar lattice/ziricote) all week and love it! The workmanship is very high and it’s just a beauty to look at. The sound port definitely makes a difference in allowing me to hear the guitar better too. I love the ease of playability, especially for the right hand. The basses are full and the trebles are consistently strong, making for a very even register. I’m very satsified with my Dominelli guitar. It’s brand new and sounds great, and as it opens up it will just get better. Thank-you Marcus”
Maurice, in Irvine, California

"Marcus, I hope all is well with you. My new guitar (cedar lattice/ indian rw) is unbelievable. I really love it. This guitar pulls a better musician out of me. I wish you many blessings and much success in the future. Thank-you so much for making me my new favorite guitar."
-Bill Russel, Washington, Michigan

" I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new guitar (cedar lattice/ amazon rosewood). I am impressed with every aspect of this instrument. It has such clarity, volume, and tone, and superb workmanship. Just loving this thing. Thank-you."
-Bill Fleming, Anchorage, Alaska

"Marcus. The guitar is sounding better every day (cedar double top/Indian rosewood). I played it in performance last friday and it sounded awesome. It was very loud, which is important, and had a really nice tone. Thanks for everything."
-J Arias, Florida, U.S.A

“Thanks Marcus. I have really enjoyed the building experience with you. You have fantastic customer skills when it comes to working with a client to create an instrument. I felt very welcomed and included in the creative process.”
—Troy Higdon, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“The instruments of Marcus’ that we have carried have had a very high level of workmanship and quality of sound. Their quality is something you’d expect only from a very accomplished and experienced builder.”
—Bill Clements, Owner of The Rosewood Guitar, Seattle, Washington.

“After a fairly broad search for a new guitar for my son, we purchased a spruce / I.R. by Marcus Dominelli. It has amazing clarity, balance and projection across all strings, up and down the neck without being cold or austere. The tonal qualities are quite broad. The workmanship is as good as it gets. So here’s a public thanks to Marcus. It will serve my son for many years. Thank-you.”
— Mike Hoyt, Medford, Oregon

“I am seriously impressed! The guitar sounds great. It has just what I was looking for with the dark bass tone. The trebles are not tin-ish, which you often hear in lattice braced instruments. The guitar is a work of art, even when silent....It looks and sounds like it should be in a guitar shop with a price tag much higher than what I paid. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Thank-you for working with me and making this possible Marcus. I am completely satisfied with my new guitar.”
—Colin M., classical guitar student, Eugene, Oregon

“My Dominelli flamenco is one of the most satisfying guitars I have ever owned. It has a powerful, rich, even voice with lots of bite, but can also produce a sweet singing tone. It is a very versatile instrument and records beautifully.”
—Ken Hall, Victoria, B.C.

“Marcus Dominelli took on the very difficult project of building a concert grade short scale classical guitar for me. He listened carefully to my comments on preferred specifications, tone, musical taste, and instrument appearance. The result was a superb sounding, beautiful instrument with which I have truly bonded - at a very reasonable price. I predict that this young man has a tremendous future as a luthier.”
—George M. Gibault. Victoria, B.C.