Frequently Asked Questions

What models of guitar do you make?

1) Double Top. Has recently become my most sought after model. 650, 640, or 630 scale. Standard or smaller body
2) Hybrid Lattice Model -650 or 640 scale. Standard or smaller body.
3) Traditional Concert Classical. Solid top w/ fan bracing. Standard or smaller body size.650, 640, or 630 scale.
4) Other. Flamenco guitars, Steel-string acoustics, 19th century guitars, Ouds, and other things. 

What is your pricing?

Please contact me for the current prices for commissioned guitars. Prices vary depending on the model, the woods, and the features used for each particular instrument. The price range is $5000 to $10000.
At the cheap end of the spectrum is a flamenca blanca made with cypress. At the expensive end is a double top classical with premo grade brazilian rosewood with all the features. For about $8000 CAD I can build a standard double top classical guitar with all the features you probably need.

Prices for my current stock inventory are posted on the FOR SALE PAGE, next to each available instrument.

Please see the models page for a detailed description of each one. Optional modifications can be found on the upgrades page.

How long is your waiting list?

My wait list for commissioned guitars is currently 1.5 years.

If you do not want to wait at all, see my For Sale page. I sometimes have a guitar available for immediate purchase. These stock guitars have a one week trial period. If it proves unsuitable I will give you a full refund upon safe return of the guitar. See the Sales page for more details on this policy.

Do you do repairs and restorations?

Yes, but not as much I used to do, since I'm currently so busy building new guitars. From 1998 to 2003, I worked in a specialty repair shop, so I have a background in this work. For more details you can go to the "Repair and Restoration" page of this site. If you have an instrument that needs a repair contact me.