1) General upgrades, and their cost

All Dominelli Models (Traditional, Hybrid lattice, and Double Top) Now include in the base price:
-Elevated Fingerboard
-Graphite re-inforced neck
-French polish finish
-V-jointed Headstock
-Sloane Bronze frictionless, or Gotoh 510 premium frictionless tuners
-TKL Double Arch Case
-Scale length/ nut width options
-Fret Markers
-20th fret

Possible Upgrades:
  • Armrest - $250
  • Soundport w/ magnetic cover $250
  • laminated sides $250
  • Alternative back and side wood - for example Cambodian Rosewood, Amazon RW, Ziricote, Honduran RW, Bosnian Maple, Claro Walnut, Quilted/ or Fiddleback Maple, Cypress,etc - The price will vary depending on the wood. Some woods result in a price increase while others do not.
  • Brazilian Rosewood. Straight Grain and quarter sawn old stock, extremely rare, Inquire about price.
  • Rodger, Graf, Alessi tuners, etc - Inquire.
  • Catalyzed Polyester varnish for back and sides - Inquire
  • 7 or 8 string. Inquire